Daily fresh vegetables of the highest quality!


From ground to mouth

At Versland, we work intensively with a wide network of diverse growers. We proudly market their vegetable products for growers. We supply the processing industry, gourmet wholesalers, exporters and retailers year-round, both on a daily basis and on a programme basis.

That's why you choose Versland!

Looking for a reliable partner in fresh? At Versland you have come to the right place, our experienced specialists will be happy to tell you about our beautiful products. We are happy to offer you specially selected vegetables based on your wishes and needs.

Year-round delivery

Are you looking for a supplier that takes care of all your vegetable needs all year round? Versland offers you a wide range of fresh vegetables all year round.

Always a fresh product

365 days a year, our growers provide the finest, day-fresh produce of the best quality at a competitive price.

Top quality & maximum service

At Versland, we work with our 100 growers to ensure that we can offer the best quality products and together seek the best possible service for our customers.

Growing on prescription, customisation

Looking for a specific product for a specific period? Together with our growers, we deliver custom-made products, grow according to your programme and offer customer-oriented solutions based on your needs. Versland goes the extra mile to relieve you of all your worries, directly from the source!

Also for the processing industry

We offer the processing industry year-round solutions for their vegetable needs. Grown with care for you to the highest quality standards and fully certified according to the latest guidelines. Selected especially for you, ready-to-use in your factory, so you can focus on your production process.

We are Versland

A traditional wholesaler of daily fresh vegetables, with both feet (in) on the ground! Our proactive attitude towards innovation in terms of growing methods and vegetable varieties ensure that we are a progressive partner in fresh!

The continuous focus on quality and maximum service fit our core values.

Curious about our personal customer-friendly approach? We look forward to meeting you!


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