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Year-round fresh, diverse and versatile

Versland supplies a wide range of top-quality daily fresh leafy crops all year round. Our leafy vegetables are versatile products that can be used in all directions. They are easy to process, look young and fresh and are, of course, delicious. Our leafy crops can be sold per variety or as a mix, per kg or packed.

Our fresh leafy crops

These are products we are guaranteed to offer year-round. Do you have requirements for non-standard products. Please contact us and we will be happy to discuss the possibilities with you!

Also for washing, processing and preparing lamb's lettuce and rocket ready for sale.

More on processing options

Our leafy crops come from growers with whom we have often worked intensively for years and from whom we can always expect top quality. Together with our growers, we can also meet various (customised) wishes. So you get our leafy crops the way you want them!

Strong in leafy crops

For many years, we at Versaland have been working with various types of leafy crops and passionate and experienced growers. This combination allows us to offer daily fresh leafy crops all year round. We do this for retailers, wholesalers and supermarkets, but also for the processing industry.


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