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At Versland Selection, absolute top quality is at the heart of all our business processes. Our quality department is optimally equipped and staffed daily by specialised employees dedicated to the critical inspections of incoming and outgoing vegetable products.

We understand the crucial role of trust in our industry, which is why we strive to provide maximum assurance to our customers. Versland Selection takes all necessary measures to ensure this assurance, including certifications in BRC Higher Level, HACCP, QS, RIK, Planetproof and SKAL.

Our commitment to top quality and adherence to strict standards is reinforced by these certifications, which demonstrate that we meet the highest industry standards and work continuously to improve. At Versland Selection, you can count on consistent quality and reliability in all our vegetable products.

Choose a partner that understands and guarantees your requirements, choose Versland Selection. Our certifications are proof of our commitment to quality and customer satisfaction. Discover the security of a reliable vegetable supplier with Versland Selection.

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