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Versland expands

Versland Selection is great in the little ones. That the little items don’t do the company any harm, is demonstrated by the investments the company has made in recent times. in addition to the current premises, Versland is also renting a nearby warehouse (2,300 m2) and a mobile vacuum cooler was purchased to store the products at the right temperature to greatly increase the sustainable quality of the product. There are also two new cooling cells built into the new warehouse.

Versland takes care of the marketing for a growing group of Dutch and Belgian growers. Customers include Dutch supermarkets, food processing industry and exporters. “The growers file is still increasing every year. We pay the growers decently and have short communication lines and that is very appreciated,” says general manager Ed Koelewijn. “To deliver our products 12 months a year, we work with Spanish and Italian producers in the winter.”

Versland specializes in leafy crops and has worked hard over the years to become the market leader in radish and various salads. “Where other companies focus 90% on major products such as tomatoes, peppers and cucumbers, is that for us just only 10%, “says Ed.” With our small products we have built up a strong position on the ABC site. For the surrounding businesses it is very convenient to they have a central business with these products. “

That Versland major focus is on small items, is clear from a tour of the warehouse. We pass pallets with special lettuces, rhubarb, celery, zucchini, fennel, Chinese cabbage, Westland cauliflower, lamb’s lettuce and radicchio. “Nonetheless we market large numbers of these small items every day. Whether the exporter requires twenty cartons or twenty pallets. We are a reliable supplier,” Ed said.

Two new cooling cells in the warehouse along with the old cooling cells offer space for 900 pallets. The total cooling capacity is now 1500 pallets. Along with the vacuum condenser the cooling capacity is significantly expanded. “Ideal for leafy crops,” says Ed. “Many of our customers export to distant destinations. Therefore it is very important that the products are delivered at a good temperature. A product like lettuce should be cold in the center, which is required by supermarkets and the processing industry as well. With the vacuum cooler we can re-cool products within twenty minutes from say, 15 to 3 ° C. “

Ed is not worried that he will soon have too much space. “We have no illusion to store products for others, or to repack products. There are plenty of other companies specialized in those services. We do what we are good at. Because of the expansion we have a vacancy for New quality controller. Our buyers and sellers see the product firsthand and our field men can be found at the growers every day. This allows us to respond well to the expected supply. “