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Versland is market leader in loose radishes

Tholen - Eight radish growers leave The Greenery and now market their products by Versland. It involves seven producers of Radijsproject and nursery Zwin Brothers. Together they represent 25 hectares. Therfor it makes Versland the biggest player in the Dutch market for loose radishes.

Sixteen signatures were put yesterday in the Westpoort on the ABC site. This confirmed eight radish growers switch from the Greenery to Versland. The switch makes Versland the biggest player in loose radish as off January 1. The switch is made by the seven radish growers, who are united in ‘Het Radijsproject’. They represent 16 hectares of Westland cultivation. The partnership has existed for over thirty years and the equipment to process the radishes were owned by The Greenery. Which have now been taken over by Versland.

The foreign production of Zwin Brothers is being market by Versland for a while now. Both companies are very pleased with the partnership. Now the company switches over completely. “We are a family business and Versland is also a family business. We share the passion to focus on quality,” explains Piet Zwinkels choice. Moreover, the step matches with the conclusions of McKinseys last week presented rapport, according to the grower. “With like-minded companies we unite a substantial part of the market to make big steps together”. Zwin Brothers is prepared to market its own brand, BonRadis, also by other growers. “Then we can make it THE brand for quality radish together.” Also market-oriented production is discussed - it is not excluded that growers will start producing bunched radishes again when asked by customers.

Expansion of the own crop acreage is not the spearhead for Versland, says director Ed Koelewijn, but the company’s acreage has increased considerably in recent years. “We are not actively engaged, but as growers look for an outlet, we will look for a possibilities.” Versland monitors not to intervene in markets where there are a lot of smaller players. The company is among others active in leafy crops and smaller fruit vegetables like peppers, cherry tomatoes and zucchini. With this step the company is the largest player in radish.

In terms of marketing Koelewijn not only see opportunities in new markets, but also on existing relationships as well as retailers and processors. “We can now offer a wider range, further deepening the chain.”

  • The Greenery will cooperate in the future with Versland Selection for the Sourcing of radish. *