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P. Henneman

‘If they are good to you, you are good to them”

Nom d'entreprise:P. Henneman
Localisation (s):Heemskerk, Pays-Bas
Cultivation: La chicorée frisée
La laitue à feuilles de chêne
La laitue grasse
Lollo bionda
Lollo rosso
Zone:1,1 hectares

Firm P & L Henneman in Heemskerk grows two rounds of alternative types of lettuce, such as red and green oak leave, lollo rosso, lollo bionda and frisee under more than 11,000 m2 of glass. The harvest of the first cultivation round takes place from mid-Octber until the end of January. During the second round, which includes growing sala nova, the harvest is from late January until the third week of April. During the summer Henneman carries out seed production.


“In 2004 we started growing ‘colours’ lettuce, because of a decrease of head lettuce demand.

This resulted in improved spreading and higher prices”, says Patrick Henneman. A year later, he and a group who grow the same lettuce products, transferred from The Greenery to Versland Selection. The vegetable grower is still very happy and tells about it with great enthusiasm. “Some growers find me too positive and say: it can’t be true, but still it is”.
Henneman has a good bond with Versland Selection and is satisfied about the one-on-one contact. “There are only a few people you have contact wth: a seller and an inspector. At the Greenery there were many contacts, who were not always aware of each other’s agreements”.


Versland can introduce super/class 1 as well as class 2 into the market.

Highest price

The vegetable grower thinks that the Versland Selection salesmen do their best to get the highest price.

“Ever since we have been delivering to him, the product price has become much more stable. During some periods of time we get the same price for our product over and over again. Other parties have experienced a drop of 10-15 Euro cents from one day to the next. That has never happened at Versland Selection”, concludes Henneman.