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Zwinbrothers B.V.

‘Reliable and high-quality product’

Nombre de la empresa:Zwinbrothers B.V.
Localización (es):Monster, Holanda
Cultivo: Rabanitos blancos
Rábanos suelos (por kilos)
Área:7 hectáreas

Zwin Brothers, the company of the brother Kees, Piet, Gerard and André Zwinkels in Monster grows and packs radish under the name of ‘Bon Radis’. The family-run company grows 7 hectares of radish under glass in The Netherlands. In order to be able to deliver continuously, a part of the growing is done abroad during winter time. The radish company has been delivering the product to Versland Selection since 1 January 2015, creating new opportunities for the sales.

The customer is always right

“The quality of rsdish is very important to us”, says Piet Zwinkels.

“From early morning until late at night we work hard from both sides to get the best product to the customer. The market sets increasingly high requirements, which we can meet”.
The company is able to pack and deliver loose radish in any desired packaging, from square bags, or cone shaped bags up to bulk packaging of 10kg bales or even 600kg cardboard pallets.

Short lines

Zwin Brothers wishes to optimize the collaboration further, expecting it will be fruitful.

The radish grower: “We feel rather comfortable with Versland Selection. The distance is minimal. The cooperation goes beyond the sales of radish. It is a no-nonsense party, speaking the language of the Westland. And we like that!”.