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MK Flora

Nombre de la empresa:MK Flora
Localización (es):s-Gravenzande, Países Bajos
Cultivo: Calabacín
Judía verde plana / redonda
Área:0,8 hectáreas

You may not be able to change the big things, but you can certainly influence the smaller ones.’

Since 2016, Burhan Tunc has been cultivating courgettes, French beans, and lettuce varieties in a greenhouse measuring 8,000 m2, located at the beach in ‘s-Gravenzande. The decision to grow these crops was made after consultation with Versland Selection.

Decades of experience in the horticulture sector

I’ve been earning my living in the horticulture sector for decades now, more precisely in the service and plant sector.

I thought going independent was a logical step. So in the spring of 2016, I made up my mind and went looking for a good location.’

The right choice of crop thanks to effective cultivation support

After consulting with Versland, Burhan decided to plant courgettes and French beans.

He is currently investigating the option of planting leaf vegetables or radish. Burhan’s working method is all about order, structure, and cleanliness. As a grower, there are many things that are difficult to control – or which cannot be controlled at all. ‘That is precisely why it is important to do the small things really well, because that’s all you can really do.’ As he looks toward the future, Burhan does not rule out the possibility of expanding MK Flora. ‘But first things first: we are going to get everything perfect at this location,’ says the enthusiastic grower.

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