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Direct contact

Van Baalen Growers

‘A name instead of a number’

Company name:Van Baalen Growers
Location(s):s-Gravenzande, Netherlands
Cultivation: Frisee
Lollo bionda
Lollo rosso
Oak leaf lettuce
Acreage:1.6 hectares

Van Baalen Growers consisting of father Jan and son Anton in ’s-Gravenzande, use a 16,000 m2 greenhouse in which they grow head lettuce, lollo bionda, lollo rosso, red oak leaf. During the autumn they grow pak choi. As from 2009 the family-run business produces for Versland Selection. They coordinate the quantities of every lettuce type to be produced.


“After a short winter pause, in January we start planting the various types of lettuce in a 5,000m2 area”.

Our planting schedule ensures that we can deliver the product upon demand on a daily basis”, says Jan van Baalen. “From May we produce no more red types of lettuce. Our summer assortment consists of head lettuce, lollo bionda and yellow and green frisee. From 1 September we start planting the ‘colours’ again”.

A matter of trust

At the time, during the first interview with Versland Selection about the delivery of products, there was chemistry straight away.

“After all it is a matter of trusting each other”, according to the lettuce grower. Van Baalen prefers personal contact and does not want to be treated as a number. “At Versland Selection, peopele call us us by our name. And walking around their premises, you sense the atmosphere of the former auction of Westland Zuid.”


The lettuce company is relatively close to Versland Selection.

“We are capable of quickly preparing and delivering subsequent deliveries in the desired packaging”, according to the lettuce grower. “Versland Selection brings back the empty packagings and collects the products. That is all well taken care of”. Van Baalen does not exclude the possibility of renting or buying extra garden space to grow more of the product, in case Versland Selection should wish to buy more off them in the future.