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N & J Konsman

All crops are grown and packaged with care

Company name:N & J Konsman
Location(s):Oostvoorne, Netherlands
‘s-Gravenzande, Netherlands
Cultivation: Celery
Iceberg lettuce
Poly lettuce
Romaine lettuce
Acreage:2.7 hectares

15.000 m2 open air growing of Romaine Lettuce, Andives, and Jumbo Lettuce

Jan and his son Robbin Konsman used to supply Versland with jumbo lettuce. This crop was grown in Oostvoorne, in a 15,000 square meter greenhouse.

“Used to grow, indeed,” says Jan Konsman. By now the greenhouse has been demolished and converted to an open-air grower. Aside from this a modern greenhouse in ‘s-Gravenzande is being rented, where the duo will devote themselves in the coming years to growing a variety of leafy greens and leafy green seeds. The entrepreneurs use the greenhouse for the springtime growing of Romaine lettuce, Andives, and Jumbo Lettuce. These crops are planted yearly in the first week of January.

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Versland is involved with horticulture

“The knowledge of horticulture, the support, and the daily contact with commerce are among the primary areas that we experience as particularly pleasant.”

Jan enjoys cooperating with Versland. “Versland’s knowledge of horticulture and their support in the growing process are top-notch. They don’t just buy the produce, but they are involved in the horticultural aspect as well. The daily contact on the commercial side of things is also very pleasant.”

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Open air horticulture of romanesco broccoli, celery, andives, and iceberg lettuce.

Demolishing the greenhouse in Oostvoorne was close to Jan Konsman’s heart. He practiced horticulture here for years.

“In consultation with Versland we decided to fully sow our open air fields with Romanesco and Celery, followed by Andives and some Iceberg lettuce,” says Jan.
Jan and Robbin Konsman fully realize that growing vegetables in the open air is very different from greenhouse horticulture. The growing plan has been discussed and altered various times. The growing schedule is planned with an eye towards distributing the workload over the year as evenly as possible.

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Good growing season because of strong entrepreneurs

Fast and ambitious versus thoughtful and careful

Jan Konsman takes a thoughtful and considerate approach to entrepreneurship. Robbin Konsman –33 years his junior– is ambitious and wants to quickly make changes. Together they find a compromise, which has led to good results over the seasons.

Specialist work.

In spite of his young age Robbin already has a lot of experience under his belt and has therefore taken on the responsibility of planning the crops. “And he’s very good at that,” says the proud Jan Konsman. “It is beautiful to see a young generation stand up and take on the task with such enthusiasm!”

All crops of N & J Konsman are grown and packaged with care

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