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P. van Osch Groentenproducties B.V.

‘Do what you say and say what you do’

Firmenname:P. van Osch Groentenproducties B.V.
Ort (e):Leunen, Niederlande
Anbau: Eichenblattsalat
Lollo Bionda
Lollo Rosso
Radichio Rosso
Fläche:300 Hektar

Peter van Osch Groenteproducties (Vegetable Productions) in the village of Leunen in Limburg, grows 130 hectares of iceberg lettuce, 100 hectares of spinach and 70 hectares of various types of lettuce, including lollo bionda and lollo rosso, as well as escarole in the outside soil. The harvest is from May until October. For spinach it is from mid-April until mid-November.


“We coordinate the colours and the types of lettuce we grow, with Versland Selection”, says Peter van Osch.

“Furthermore we must find out what is feasible. If Versland Selection wants us to grow a certain species, we investigate the possibilities, as a higher growing risk, for instance due to failure, requires a higher compensation. Together we decide which is the best option”.

Good chemistry

A colleague-grower brought Van Osch into contact with Versland Selection. Since 2012 he has been delivering products to their complete satisfaction.

“It is not only about being a good company, but also being able to get along with the seller is important . You must be able to trust and understand each other and know what is required at which time. The chemistry with the company as well as the person should be good.”


The vegetable grower is quite happy with the way that matters are dealt with.

“Every day the packaging is checked. The numbers are always correct. And although they do not always pay the highest price, the amount is always transferred to my account within a fortnight. These are two very strong points of Versland Selection. Moreover they always keep their word and I am very much in favour of that”, concludes Van Osch.

P. Osch Groenteproducties