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Compliment V.O.F.

Company name:Compliment V.O.F.
Location(s):Zeeland, Netherlands
Cultivation: Chinese cabbage
Radichio rosso
Shrub Celery

Compliment is a passionate horticultural company.

Since 2002, located in Zeeland, between the Meijerij, the Land of Maas and Waal, the Land of Cuijk and the Peel.

Here are the many acres of horticultural ground where we cultivate the products for our customers on a modern, progressive way. We cultivate iceberg, fennel radicchio celery and Chinese cabbage for Versland. We grow these products in a light sandy soil. These grounds are continuously scanned so that we can apply our site specific fertilization. We grow our products to high quality standards and requirement. Which is made with and by our customers. It is not only from healthy entrepreneurship we meet these requirement every day. It’s all also in the passion we have for what nature gives us. We still glowing of pride as we see “our” lettuce in stores. That’s what we call “cultivate with passion” !

Origin: Jumbo celery